Share your views on My Health Record
1. Please check all boxes that best describe you.*
Doctor — GP
Doctor — GP Trainee
Doctor — Specialist Sexual Health
Doctor — Specialist Infectious Diseases
Doctor — Specialist Immunologist
Doctor — Specialist Gastroenterology / Hepatology
Doctor — Specialist Other
Doctor — Specialist Trainee
Registered Nurse
Social Worker / Psychologist
Researcher — Non-Clinician
2. Have you accessed My Health Record for a patient?
2a. If so, did you find the information you were looking for?
3. Have you uploaded a SHS (Shared Health Summary) for reasons other than the ePIP (Practice Incentive Program eHealth Incentive)?
4. Are you aware of what happens to a patient’s My Health Record if they decide to opt out after the opt-out period ends?
5. Do you have specific privacy concerns relating to any of the patient groups you work with?
5a. If so, what are those concerns?
6. Do you believe My Health Record provides significant benefits to the majority of your BBV and/or STI-affected patients?
6a. If so, what are the benefits of My Health Record for BBV and/or STI-affected patients?
6b. Do you believe the benefits of My Health Record for BBV and STI-affected patients outweigh potential privacy concerns?
7. Do you have sufficient knowledge about My Health Record to have specific discussions with patients about it?
8. What advice do you feel practitioners such as yourself should be offered to help navigate best practice and support patient care with My Health Record?
9. What do you think ASHM’s position should be on the issue of MHR and BBV and STI affected patients?